Region 8 Zone Meeting 2019

We have a joint meeting planned to discuss conservation initiatives in the Okanagan, specific to Region 8, April 10th 7-9PM.

We will have Three Provincial Biologists that will be in attendance to provide presentations regarding their recent research, and some updates regarding provincial policy as a result of their research and inventory records.

It is important to come to these events-- These are the actual people who are diligently using real science to determine the outcome of our hunting and fishing seasons. Their recommendations to government are taken into consideration when writing policy.

They really do want to hear from you! We'd like it if you came, the coffee will be on!

SOSA Clubhouse 352 Sportsmen's Bowl Road, Oliver BC

Presentation Summaries:

Wildlife Update:

  • Research updates (Bighorn and Mule deer projects)
  • 2018 Sheep inventory update
  • 2018/2019 moose inventory
  • Regional harvest and trends
  • Access management

Fisheries Update:

  • Challenges/Pressures on Fish Stocks/ Habitat: Flood, fire, drought Habitat loss & constraints Urbanization/development Invasive species Introductions/Competition, Access changes/ Uses
  • Non-compliance
  • Disease/fish kills
  • 2019 Priorities and Projects
  • Question and Answer period.