Southern Okanagan Sportsmen's Association (SOSA)

Our club was organized in 1942 and it has been said that the BC Wildlife Federation found its roots here.


SOSA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the propagation and preservation of fish and wildlife and their habitat for the benefit of all in B.C. and the South Okanagan in particular.  To promote an appreciation of and a sportsman like method of hunting and fishing and encouraging the strict enforcement of the fishing and hunting regulations thereof. Encouraging the conservation of the natural resources of our country, its spoils, minerals, water, forests, wildlife, fish and their food plants.

The education and safety in handling of all firearms and encouragement of the recreation of competitive and non-competitive shooting sports.

Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as a Sportsman to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country - its soils and minerals, its forests, water and wildlife.

We offer a Archery Range, Black Powder Range, 22 Range for handgun and rifle, Trap Range, and a 100 meter rifle range. Our Archery coaches work with Kids as well as adults.
Our Ranges are open from dawn to dusk 365 days a year.


We are affiliated with the BC Archery Association


We offer coaching and additional programs for the youth

  Archery Recurve


We also coach adults


Bow Hunters

We are also Bow hunters

You will have the use of an outdoor Archery Range; currently set up with four target butts with a range of up to 70 meters. These are target butts only; not designed for use with hunting arrows equipped with broad heads so you will have to bring your own broad head block. There are plans to expand the archery range to include a practice range for broad heads as well as more target butts. We are looking into building a butt for Crossbows so if you have the knowledge to help construct a butt that would stand up to crossbow use that would be permanent contact me at

3D Archery

We are planning on doing 3D rounds in the future. But we need someone to organize the event so contact me if you would be interested in helping

Indoor Archery

When Winter comes we also offer an indoor archery in Oliver and run the program all winter on Monday nights for adults with limited coaching. Our Junior Program runs on Thursday nights from 6 to 7:30 ish Adults after that. For more information on this program contact Mary Ostermeier
We also offer membership in the BC Archery Association and their programs.

Rifle Range

We have a 185 yards long, range that will accommodate three to six shooters at a time in a covered shooting house with sound dampening installations. Do NOT under any circumstances use a shotgun nor Handguns in the Rifle Range! For Shotguns we have a patterning board ready for use in the Upper Trap Ranges!


Trap Ranges

There are two trap ranges one of these are used weekly with an organized practice happening on Tuesday afternoons.  The rest of the time you would have to bring your own throwers to make use of this excellent setup. 

To all trap shooters and those that wish to shoot clay targets. bring your smoke poles and shells to the range on Tuesday afternoons. For more info contact Terry Thomas at 250 498 2253.

Handgun Range


Black Powder Range

Membership will affiliate you with the BC Wildlife Federation.

As a paid up member in good standing, you are protected by an insurance policy where you may be held legally liable for the damage to property of others to a limit of $2,000,000.00 ; this insurance shall be excess insurance to any other valid liability insurance affording indemnity to such club members, such as personal liability.
This coverage applies while the member is engaged in any hunting, lawful shooting or fishing.

Check out this site for more information on what is happening; see press releases

As well if you are looking for more information in region 8 : OKBCWF communication director is Scott Leir 250-490-7678
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