News - AGM if you did not get a email then we don't have your correct email address! If you want to be informed, email Ron Ostermeier at I will then add you to a current list IF you are a current member!

October 25th is the date for our AGM it will be subject to Covid rules; as they stand now we can only have 49 people in a meeting, fully masked and spaced out. The meeting will be held at Air Cadet hanger  5856 Cessna Street Oliver BC  at 7 pm: The following is required for you to attend this meeting

  • Masks have to be worn!
  • Bring your own chair.
  • Fully vaccinated NOT required but preferred
  • Pre registration required due to the limited numbers just reply to this email and I will add you to the list.
  • Membership cards required at the door to sign in.
  • Only voting member can attend (adults)
  • Business for this meeting will be limited to elections and this is a late covid meeting for 2021 but 2022 meeting should be done in a timely matter if this one works out.
  • If there are more than 49 member wishing to attend we will have 2 meetings back to back as every member has the right to attend (if they meet the health guide lines) and this can be worked out.
  • If the government changes any requirements like requiring fully vaccinated then we may be forced to refuse entry at the door for those that are not.

 We have bid for and won the BC Archery Outdoor Target Championships for 2022. This will happen on the labor day weekend, more info coming next year.