Trap Currently Being Updated, please contact Al or Ed below) check the calendar.


SOSA is proud to carry on the tradition of Trap Shooting that started here back in the "60's". We  have 2 ranges equipped with the most modern trap machines (Pat Trap) and Canterbury voice calls.


We are also affiliated with the  PITA (Pacific International Trap Shooting Association) and hold regular Multiplex competitions 8 months of the year.


Regular Trap practice happens twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 10:00am--until the last shot is fired! All are welcome, members or not, to come and watch or join in. 

Don't have a shotgun but want to give it a try? Come on out as most of our shooters will be happy to lend you a gun and give you some expert advice on safety and trap shooting basics. 

For just over a year now, SOSA has also been offering 5 Stand Sporting Clays. While it is still shot with a shotgun, our machines throws targets more like you may see in bird hunting situations. This relatively new but very exciting shotgun sport, compared to trap and it is ever gaining popularity. As a result, we are seeing a lot of more new shooters that have not been involved with Traditional Trap. 

5 Stand Sporting Clays is shot on Sundays starting at 10 :00 AM. Again, all are welcome-- members or not. Come out and try this really fun new shotgun sport.

For further info please call:

Ed Pedersen 250 498 9005

Al Carlson 250 488 1109