Indoor Archery is happening in the fall 2023

We start at 6pm on both Monday and Thursday Nights. We are certified N.C.C.P. archery Coaches and on Thursday work with the youth and adults, space permitting everyone starts at 6 and the coaches work with you when required. Coaches will focus on the youth Program Thursday nights first; Monday nights are for those that can shoot 18 meters on a 40 cm target. There is limited help coaching on Mondays. For more info email,  it is best to let us know that you are coming so we can be prepared.

Air Cadet address: this is where it happens!

5856 - Cessna street
Oliver, BC


As a member of SOSA you can use the outdoor archery range at the bowl every day except when it is closed for a special event which is not very often. There is a new crossbow butt for your use it is the one closest to the sand pit;the sandpit is used for broad head shooting. The sand pit is the only place you can shoot broad heads into!

Field Butts and Target Butts

These target butts are for use by normal target equipment there is to be no broad heads used on them. No crossbows are allowed to be shot at these butts as crossbows require a special butt designed to stop the bolts and allow for retrieval without destroying the butt. If you have a cross bow use the butt designed for that use or bring your own.


For more information contact Mary Ostermeier, email:

All Youth to age 18 years   : $6.00
Adult SOSA members        : $6.00
BC Archery Members        : $7.00
Bow Rental available        : $5.00
Guests                                     : $10.00

Our Junior Program is run through the BC Archery Association and the awards for achievements are supplied by them. Qualified coaches run this program and the youth develop at their own pace. To participate in this program, you are required to be a member of the BC Archery Association. The program is called JOP and is for youth between the ages of 6 to 21. Through this program we run a Mail Match with all the clubs in the province, a regional tournament shot at the club and Provincial Indoor and Outdoor Championships in 3 or 4 locations in province.

To find out more about the program and the BC Archery Association

For the adults you will also be given coaching if requested as well; we compete in mail matches across the country plus other events so come see us.
Our coaches are certified with the Coaching Association of Canada.

From Past events

Winter Games 2012

Our club provided a coach "Mike Ford" , a official "Ron Ostermeier"  a chaperone "Mary Ostermeier and one Archer Ceridwyn Olafsson

who came home with a Bronze Medal




 BC Winter Games in Terrace March 2010.
We had from Oliver;  three youth shooters, two coaches and two judges.

We came back with a Bronze Medal won by Jessica Souto


Group Photo of the Participants , Judges, Coaches and Support staff